escA lot of men have been pondering over the question, is dating escorts safe? Escorts should for all intents and purposes be considered high risk partners. High risk partners can be categorized as those people who are predisposed to risky sexual behavior such having many sexual partners. This predisposition might be occasioned by the nature of the individual’s job such as escorts, strippers or even call girls or the nature of the person’s behavior which we term as voluntary promiscuity for lack of a better description. Be that as it may, it is indeed not safe to date such high risk partners. This is because, high risk partners such as escorts predisposes one to the dangers that these people have exposed themselves to.

A typical escort will have an itinerary for that basically entails them providing company to a diverse range of clients. The diversity of these clients ranges from the age of the clients with some of them being young, middle aged and old men to the sexual behavior of such clients which ranges from moderate sexual behavior to downright promiscuity. The diversity in terms of an escorts’ clientele implies that escorts get sex offers more often than the average person. In turn, such escorts are more likely to engage in sex with strangers more often than the average person. In many cases, such escorts are not in a position to ascertain the sexual history or behavior of their many partners. This predisposes them to all kinds of sexually transmitted infections including syphilis, Chlamydia or even HIV. Is dating escorts safe? I think this argument should be enough to enable you come up with the most appropriate response to that question.
Despite their diverse nature, there is one defining characteristic of most escort clients. Most of theseesc2 clients, who eventually end up being the escorts’ sexual partners, are usually deep pocketed individuals. This is informed by the fact that a typical escort service is indeed an expensive affair and only those with big bucks might have the money to spend on such services. In turn, most escorts if not all of them are in it for the money. The range of ��services’ an escort will be willing to offer directly depends on the amount of money they are able to make. Since most clients have money, most escorts will be willing to go to great lengths in order to cater for their needs including having sex with them. All in all, the question still begs, is dating escorts safe? My answer to this question is a resounding no, but of course, that’s just me.

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