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    Audio Sex – What You Can Learn From Audio Clips

    Orgasm audio can be found easily online. However, the majority of men love downloading audio clips for sexual stimulation. Listening to recorded audio sex stories can benefit you a lot. In fact, you can even improve your sexual tricks by analyzing and listening to pleasant sounds of women that experience their sexual climax.

    Listening to sex audio tips

    Single female

    When selecting an audio sex to listen to, ensure it is of obt3ge5dt62y56df52t6sy72u7ne woman having an orgasm. Better still, you can go for a clip that has a single voice in it. This is necessary to avoid distractions during the analysis. You should choose an audio of a lady that is stimulating herself to orgasm rather than one having sex with another person. You should note that self-stimulation tends to show the natural process of a woman that is getting aroused to the extent of climax.

    When you understand the sexual process, it will be easy to figure out what goes on when making love to her. In this way, you will help improve the process along.

    Woman’s breathing pattern

    Choose clips that are sufficiently clear. This is necessary as it helps you to hear your subject’s breathing. If you are careful, you will notice a particular pattern to the breathing. The pattern keeps changing as she gets aroused. In fact, it starts to get shallow and quick. Also, when she nears the climax, her breathing also changes. Take a note of this and you will find it easy to tell what is happening to your partner when having sex.

    Listen to sounds

    You should consider the quality of sounds starting stimulation. You will hear some changes in the sound. What do you think has caused such changes? Is it possible to detect changes in her speed or tempo of moans. What are other qualities you can note.

    It ‘s nice to the analysis of the verbal sounds and check whether they are in tandem with breathing patterns. When you pay attention to gvcr2r5et62y7eu6yh236eyboth verbal cues and breathing, you will know where the process is heading.

    When making love, you need to add another item to help you. This item is your lover’s body. You will see how her body stiffens and tenses as process heads to orgasm. Therefore, by analyzing audio sex stories, you will have a good understanding of female arousal and the orgasm operations. This information will help you to become a good sex partner.…

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