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    Top 5 Exercises To Enlarge Your Penis

    Nowadays, advancements in health have made it possible to get solutions to various conditions and diseases. There are natural methods and exercises to help you achieve this. Penis enlargement exercises will help you the job done. These exercises are very easy to do and can considerably improve penile length and girth in the process. Also, any man is can carry out these exercises. The following are exercises to try:
    Circulation rotation workout
    These are basic stretching exercises, which are meant for penis penis enlargement 1enlargement. You will need to stretch your penis out using your hand for about 10 seconds. Unlike regular stretching exercises, you will need to rotate it in the process. Rotate the penis in a single direction for about a minute and repeat the same in the other direction. You should try these sets five times a day to realize significant results.

    This requires semi-erection and some lubrication. Start by massaging your penis continuously from the base using two hands. It may appear like masturbation to you. However, you are simply pushing blood from the base to the tip. You can do several of these exercises as long as you can. You are advised to start slow and then work your way up slowly.

    Kegel exercises

    penis enlargement 2As you know, penis enlargement is related to maintaining strong erections. Therefore, you should have adequate control over the penis. This will help you control its size. Therefore, start by controlling muscles that stop the flow of urine fast. After understanding how the muscles work, you can contract them for about 30 to 40 times a day. You are then free to add more contractions with time. When you do this, you will gain significant improvement as far as penis size is concerned.

    The Opposite pull
    Very few men like this exercise. However, there is no harm trying it and getting to see how it works out. Place your hand at the base of the penis and the other on the tip. Start by stretching your penis out. Do this by pulling out in opposite directions. Do this exercise for five minutes daily. Every stretch should last for about 10 seconds.penis enlargement 3

    Ball and Chain
    This penis enlargement exercise involves the use of weights, which stretch the penis down. Although, the exercise not highly recommended, it works. Try to avoid exercises that require external tools other than your hand. Always do exercise that are safe to you.…

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