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    Sex Positions

    pos2Women tend not to say too much when it comes to sex. It is therefore often a game of hit and miss when it comes to discovering her favorite sex position. But with our guide to women’s four favorite sex positions, you no longer have to scratch your head to know what you need to do to take her to the “Big O” over and over again.

    1. The Claw

    It is a physically demanding position for the man and the woman gets to do virtually nothing but the rewards for both partners are terrific. The man and woman face each other, as she wraps her hands around his shoulders and her legs around his torso. He lifts her up by her butt cheeks and lowers her onto his member. He repeats the up and down lifting motion repeatedly. It helps if he is standing while leaning slightly with his back against a wall for support. Couples who have perfected the style claim they invariably experience explosive orgasms together.

    2. The Missionary

    Say what you like about the missionary style but it is one of the most effective ways to bring a woman to a thundering climax. Not only is it very intimate (both of you can gaze straight at each other’s eyes all the while) it also leaves hands free to do dozen other things like exploring other pleasure spots like her breasts or inner thighs. Partners can also kiss each other without having to stop the motion of the sexual act itself. These multiple ways of connecting and feeling the partner counts for a lot in a woman’s checklist of what she loves during intercourse.

    3. Stacked Spooning: Variation of the Doggy

    The doggy style is arguably men’s favorite sex position and for a number of reasons. It is wickedly naughty and allows for a range of motions. Moreover, there are fewer positions which allow a better view during intercourse. While doggy is not exactly a turn off for women, the total loss of view and ability to influence proceedings is rather disconcerting. But there is a way to make doggy much more interesting for women: it is called stacked spooning. It is pretty much similar to the celebrated spooning positioning except that this time you get on top of each other rather than lying on your sides. The woman lies on her tummy on a bed or some other surface with her legs slightly spread and the man enters her from behind, offering his arms as a plank. Not only is the method more intimate compared to the basic doggy configuration but it also gives more intense pleasure on the clitoris.

    4. Chair Variation of the Cowgirlpos

    There are those who claim the basic “woman-on-top” configuration is the best way to leave the task of gaining pleasure to the woman. Could be this is true for a number of women but there are those who feel the basic cowgirl position leaves them too much on display and often too self conscious to enjoy the experience fully. A good variation of the cowgirl position still leaves her in control but with less of a probability of leaving them exposed. The man sits on a chair or couch instead of lying flat on the back. The woman now straddles him face to face (breast to face depending on the relative height of partners). Another twist to the position is that instead of bouncing up and down as all the movies show, she instead swirls her pelvis and rocks back and forth. This grinding motion guarantees plenty of hits on her G-spot and also her clitoris will be stimulated aplenty.…

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